Tommy Brian - Lead Vocals

Hailing from the great state of Georgia, Toms' musical roots began early in life… listening to the soulful sounds of bayou blues, jazz and R&B.  With an insatiable need to learn, Tom enrolled in the Juilliard's school of music and graduated at the top of his class.

Wayne Brian - Lead Guitar

Wayne's World....Wayne's World!  Fun to hang out with, good vibes and great entertainer.

Patrick Brian - Drums

Patrick is solid as a rock and the girls say he has a big fat....block of music he'll play to entertain you.(I know what you were thinking just then....naughty naughty).  You'll be glad you dropped in if you love a good grove.

Doug Brian - Bassist

Deep grooves on a 5 string bass that almost stops your heart is NOT what you should expect to hear when you come out to see Doug play the bass.  Instead you should prepare for some of the most rockin','in your face', 'kick your ass' thumping bass beats you've ever heard.  These tones will make you wish you knew how to dance....and I'm not talking about chair dancing!